Year: 2018
Industry: Automóvil
Country: España
Name of the project: PART SEQUENCING PROJECT – Volkswagen
Description of the project: Installation of phases for part sequencing.
Design and industrialization of laser printer machine.
Application and die-cutting of brand combined label.
Intralogistics; RFID recording.
Installation of AC4+, process control/quality and traceability assurance software.
Processes: Product control tools.
Marking: laser, labellers.
RFID, QR code, bar code, tags and sticker systems.
HF or UHF technology.
Artificial vision.
OK / NOK classification.
Production quality assurance.
24/7 recording.
Installation of our production control and standard traceability software AC4+.
Remote monitoring and maintenance.
Preventive maintenance.
Strategic partner: TRUMPF