AC 4+ is the kingpin of COMANAI LOGISTICS

AC 4+ is the software created by our Development Team to ensure traceability, control and provision on your production lines.
Use AC 4+ by COMANAI LOGISTICS to optimize decision making which will impact on your bottom line. Decisions which:

  • Improve process productivity.
  • Reduce costs in business areas spanning production, logistics, procurement and corporate finance.
Software AC4+ de COMANAI

With a single application, AC 4+ by COMANAI LOGISTICS will take CONTROL of:

  • Your traceability system.
  • Re-work part management.
  • Specific PLC parameter management.
  • The parameters for tools according to the model selected.
  • The life of specific tools.
  • Batches supplied to lines.
  • Audits.
  • Creating statistical data (OK or NOK parts, statistics, line availability, etc.)
  • Communication with your tools and raw materials warehouse.

With AC 4+ by COMANAI LOGISTICS, you will have all the information generated by a line or machine in just one application in order to:

  • Set the number of stations or phases intervening in the line.
  • Control and set the parameters of each station (PLC acts as slave).
  • Manage part / pallet reference codes (QR code, RFID or Bar code).
  • Control batches of raw materials entering production.
  • Control parts taken to re-work and manage re-work.
  • Control production statistics (Andon).
  • Control station status flow and line availability.
  • Manage line audits.
  • Manage the life of the replacement parts / tools that are in use.
  • Control tools / models.
  • Manage communication with the tool warehouse for replacement part requests (ERP).
  • Manage communication with the raw material logistics department (ERP).