Vision Line is the software and hardware solution designed by the COMANAI LOGISTICS development team to monitor and ensure your traceability system

Software y hardware COMANAI VISION LINE

With Vision Line by COMANAI LOGISTICS, you can view, in the case of remote supervision, the correct operation of the line or machine by means of its:

  • 24/7 recording system: up to one week in continuous mode.
  • Display system: camera selection.
  • Real-time camera viewing app.
  • Display system: time selection.
  • Fault and accident detection system: provides images in both cases, supplying proof of what has happened.

Also, thanks to the ‘Commercial Visit Mode’, Vision Line by COMANAI LOGISTICS can provide your sales department with a powerful tool to show customers and potential customers how your plant works.
COMANAI LOGISTICS automates warehouses, delivering turnkey projects which include:

  • Studying needs / systems for warehouse automation, including the most automated resources possible, from shelves to robots, dynamic warehousing, etc.
  • Traceability system integration (with ERP / customer’s system) to manage production line demand and forecast raw material and tool consumption.
  • Spare part management by RFID systems on parts, etc.
  • Part and raw material consumption statistics control so the company can place orders at the right time.

Maintenance APP: COMANAI LOGISTICS application for part requests in real time by an operator at your company and/or to view warehouse statuses and forecasts. (In progress).