COMANAI LOGISTICS ensures the continuous operation of your line or machine with COMANAI SPARE PARTS.

To avoid stopping your line or machine, always have at your disposal and in time that spare part you need, including specifically designed ones.

    • Forget about unnecessary suppliers.
    • We control delivery deadlines.
    • We verify the goods arriving at the warehouse.
    • We deliver them to the warehouse.

For commercial parts, we also show the supplier’s quotation + management costs:

At COMANAI SPARE PARTS, we offer you our experience and knowledge of your line or machine to optimize your warehouse stock of ‘Recommended Parts’.
We define the minimum quantities required in stock and the lists of ‘Recommended Spare Parts’ for each installation together with our customers.
We develop any part documentation that your company may not have updated in order to manage spare parts.
With COMANAI SPARE PARTS, ensure the correct maintenance of your plant by ensuring a rigorous control of expenditure on spare parts and avoid costly stoppage time due to a lack of the parts needed to make repairs.

  • We define the type and number of parts to ensure optimal maintenance of your plant.
  • We create a detailed list with part references, prices and delivery times of specifically designed parts and tools.
  • We fix spare part and tool prices on 1 January.
  • We automate listed part/tool orders.
  • We track spare part orders so you know everything about them.
  • We localize products with the best suppliers.
  • We update parts.
  • We develop and manage part documentation.

Maintenance APP: COMANAI LOGISTICS application for part requests in real time by an operator at your company and/or to view warehouse statuses and forecasts. (In progress)